Recipe for Quick Veggie Fried Rice

Quick Veggie Fried Rice

Print Yum Quick Veggie Fried Rice Ingredients2.5 cups rice, white or brown, a day old cooked and cold rice makes the best fried rice (If you don’t have old rice, make fresh rice and layer […]

Recipe for Simple Hummus

Simple Hummus

Print Yum Simple Hummus Ingredients1 Cup chickpeas, cooked ½ Cup olive oil… add more if required 3 – 4 garlic cloves 1 lemon, juiced 1 Tsp red chili powder or cayenne pepper 2 Tsp cumin […]

Recipe for Pork Wellington

Pork Wellington

Print Yum Pork Wellington Ingredients1 pound pork tenderloin 6 ounces prosciutto 4 ounces Gournay cheese, Boursin is the most popular brand in the U.S. 2 sheets puff pastry 1 egg white mixed with water Olive […]


Irish Potato Salad

Print Yum Irish Potato Salad Ingredients1 lb. potatoes 4-6 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil small squeeze lemon juice small handful chopped flat leaf parsleyInstructionsScrub potatoes and place in a saucepan. Cover with water, add a […]


Seasoned-Under-the-Skin Turkey

Print Yum Seasoned-Under-the-Skin Turkey Ingredients1 turkey with pop-up timer 1 handful of fresh parsley, finely minced 2 cloves garlic, finely minced 2 to 4 tablespoons Extra Light Olive Oil 1 teaspoon herbs, Italian or Mexican […]


BLT Salad

Print Yum BLT Salad Ingredients1 cup whole-wheat country bread, cubed 2 teaspoons extra-virgin olive oil 4 medium tomatoes, divided 3 tablespoons low-fat mayonnaise 2 tablespoons chives (or green onions), minced 2 teaspoons white vinegar 1/4 […]


Basil-Rosemary Turkey Panini

Print Yum Basil-Rosemary Turkey Panini Ingredients12 ounces Italian bread, cut in half lengthwise Dressing 1/3 cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2 tablespoons Red Wine Vinegar 1 tablespoon Dijon mustard 1 tablespoon fresh, chopped rosemary or […]


Zucchini Parmesan Fritters

‘Tis the season to eat, drink and be healthy. It’s tempting to overindulge during the holidays and postpone thoughts of healthy eating until the New Year, but staying healthy year-round is easy with the right […]


Shepherds Pie

Print Yum Shepherds Pie Ingredients1 tablespoon olive oil 1 teaspoon black pepper 1 lb ground beef or 1 lb lamb 1 large onion, finely diced 3 -4 large carrots, finely diced 1 cup frozen peas […]


Leftover Turkey Enchiladas

Print Yum Leftover Turkey Enchiladas Ingredients1 pound leftover turkey, both brown & white meat, sliced 2 tablespoons Olive Oil 1 Onion, peeled and chopped 1 Celery stick, halved and sliced 1 Red Pepper, sliced 3 […]


Turkey Pot Pie

Print Yum Turkey Pot Pie Ingredients1 Tbsp olive oil 4 Tbsp butter 1 small onion, diced 4 cloves garlic, sliced 2-3 tsp fresh rosemary, chopped 4 Tbsp flour approx 3 cups turkey, diced or shredded […]


Roasted Butternut Squash Salad

Print Yum Roasted Butternut Squash Salad Ingredients1 medium-large butternut squash, seeded and cut into thick 1–inch slices salt and pepper 8 tablespoons of olive oil ¼ cup red wine vinegar ½ medium red onion, sliced […]


Old Fashioned Chicken Soup

Print Yum Old Fashioned Chicken Soup Ingredients1 tablespoon virgin olive oil 1 small white onion, finely diced 2 stalks celery, cut on the diagonal into ¼” slices 2 medium carrots, peeled and sliced on the […]


Warm Caesar Potato Salad

Print Yum Warm Caesar Potato Salad Ingredients6 red or white potatoes, peeled and cut into 2 inch cubes a dash of cider or balsamic vinegar 1 small head romaine lettuce ½ cup olive oil 1 […]

Recipe for Chicken Marsala - An simple yet elegant dish. Perfect for a romantic dinner.

Chicken Marsala

Recipe for Chicken Marsala – An simple yet elegant dish. Perfect for a romantic dinner. Print Yum Chicken Marsala Ingredients6 oz. fresh mushrooms, sliced 1 large boneless, skinless chicken breast 2 cloves garlic, minced 2 […]


Lemon Mushroom Chicken

Print Yum Lemon Mushroom Chicken Ingredients1 can Mushroom soup 1 can milk 4 half boneless Chicken breasts 4 cloves garlic, chopped 4 oz sliced Mushrooms 1 oz olive oil 6 oz dry white wine 1 […]


Pan-Fried Potatoes

Print Yum Pan-Fried Potatoes Ingredients1 lb / 500g potatoes, peeled and cut into ½ in / 1.5cm cubes 2 tbsp vegetable oil (olive, canola) or clarified butter (butterfat) ½ tsp salt or to tasteInstructionsSet heavy […]