Recipe for Spicy Pineapple Peach Smoothie

Spicy Pineapple Peach Smoothie

Print Yum Spicy Pineapple Peach Smoothie Ingredients1 frozen banana ½ cup peach, pitted and skinned ½ cup pineapple, cut into crunks 2 cups coconut milk ¼ tsp nutmeg ¼ tsp cinnamonInstructionsPlace frozen fruits in a […]

Recipe for Sparkling Sangria Tea

Sparkling Sangria Tea

Print Yum Sparkling Sangria Tea Ingredients3 cups boiling water 5 Tea Bags 1/3 cup sugar 2 cups chilled purple grape juice 1 medium orange, sliced 1 medium lemon, sliced 1 medium lime, sliced Chilled club […]

Recipe for Dr Toms Ginger Lemonade

Dr Toms Ginger Lemonade

Print Yum Dr Toms Ginger Lemonade Ingredients1/2 lb. raw ginger, washed and chopped 6 medium sized lemons, juiced 1 cup raw honeyInstructionsStart by washing and chopping the ginger root. Place into a large pot with […]