Simple Restaurant Style Miso Soup

Simple Restaurant Style Miso Soup


  • Dashi (roughly 250ml or 1 cup per person for a typical restaurant portion)
  • Wakame, 5 or so pieces per person (Wakame is a form of edible seaweed, sold in dry curls at most Asian markets)
  • Traditional tofu (medium firmness), a few one centimeter cubes per person
  • Miso paste, either white, red, or a mixture


  1. Heat the dashi to a light simmer
  2. While this is heating, lay out your bowls and place the wakame and tofu in the bottom
  3. When the dashi simmers, take a ladle or so of liquid aside and mix into it approximately 1 tablespoon (about 15ml) of miso paste per cup of dashi stock
  4. Remove the pot of dashi from the stove and stir the miso prepared above into it
  5. Ladle some of the prepared miso into the bowls and serve


The list of ingredients is for 1 bowl, so feel free to multiply it to make as many bowls as you want.

Some prefer less miso, some prefer more. The quantity given results in the moderately-salty type popular in restaurants before meals.

Do not permit the miso to boil; doing so alters the flavour


Recipe and Photo: Wikibooks.org / CC BY

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