Recipe for Black and White Peppermint Bark

Black and White Peppermint Bark

Black and White Peppermint Bark


  • 11 oz. bag good-quality white chocolate chips
  • 11 oz. bag semisweet chocolate chips
  • box of candy canes
  • canola oil


  1. Using a saucepan (filled with about an inch or inch-and-a-half of water) and a heatproof bowl, create a double broiler. Bring water to a slow simmer.
  2. Pour a bag of semisweet (or white—depending on what layer you want at the bottom of your peppermint bark) in the heatproof bowl. Add a teaspoon of canola oil. Stir with a spatula until the chocolate melts completely.
  3. Meanwhile, grab a cookie sheet and cover with aluminum foil. You can either create free form peppermint bark or use your favorite cookie cutters or molds (a bit more complicated, but it works!). Pour the chocolate on the cookie sheet (or into the molds) until it is 1/4 inch thick, spreading out as needed.
  4. Place in refrigerator and let cool for 30 minutes until hard. Meanwhile, unwrap candy canes and place in a freezer bag. Using a rolling pin or mallet, crush into small pieces.
  5. Repeat with the remaining white/semisweet chocolate. Remove the cookie sheet from the refrigerator and pour the second layer of chocolate over the first layer, spreading out until 1/4 inch thick. Immediately sprinkle the candy cane uniformly over the chocolate.
  6. Place in refrigerator and let cool for 30 minutes. Remove and cut into pieces. If using a mold or cookie cutters, use a sharp nice to poke around the edges of mold. Push gently with your fingers until the peppermint bark separates.
  7. Place into a holiday cookie tin and give as a gift or as a special treat for your family to munch on throughout the holidays.

Recipe and Photo: Blogging Over Thyme / CC BY-ND


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