Just in time for the release of “Man of Steel”, we here at What2Cook have discovered the ULTIMATE candy for anyone who is a huge Superman fan…Kryptonite candy! Not only does it look like the stuff from the movies, it also glows under UV lights, and if done right; in regular light too!

Kryptonite Candy

Kryptonite Candy


  • 250 g sugar
  • A vitamin B2 pill (just ask in your apothecary, or on (half a pill is enough)) (the one I used had 15mg per capsule and I used three capsules, don’t use more than that, it will not enhance the effect)
  • green food colouring
  • mint oil (or any other type of oil to give your candy a nice taste)
  • aluminium foil and/ or powdered sugar and e.g. quartz crystals (to make the forms)
  • UV light
  • a small pot
  • candy thermometer


  1. The instructions for this are quite detailed. So if you would like to make this, visit BrittLiv’s page on instructables, by clicking here!

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