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It has been a long time since we really did anything with this site, and now all of that is about to change.

This post is going to be a bit long winded. More than pretty much any post that has ever been made on this site before. Please stick with it though, as we are going to touch on all sorts of things. Things like why we were missing, the exciting ideas that we have in store for this “relaunch”, and anything else that comes to mind as this is getting typed out.

If you have been to our site in the past, the first thing that you probably noticed is that we went and completely changed up the look of almost everything. It was something that we felt was long overdue, and in reality needed to be done. While there was nothing wrong with how the site looked, we thought it needed a cleaner and more modern look. We are happy with the direction that we decided to go for this, and hope that you like the changes that we made as well.

We also needed to change the look of the site because of some technical issues. There were some things with the old way that our site was that just never really worked the way that we has hoped they would. The new layout that we are using on the site gives us much more flexibility, and makes it easier to work out issues if and when they arise (and they always do).

Why did you stop updating the site anyways?

Good question. Have you ever had a period in your life where you take one step forward, then outside forces make you take two steps back? That is how life here has been for the past year. We did keep our heads up and soldiered through it all, but it made nearly impossible to get to this site and give it the attention that we wanted to give it.

A fine example is something that happened just this month. We got a new washer machine. Should have been a great moment. Got it out of the box, all hooked up…then we went to use it. It turns out that it was broken as soon as it left the factory. A simple solution would have been to put our working washer back in, and just use that. Problem is…we were depending on this one to work, just like any reasonable person would. So we threw some stuff in the old one the day before, because we had a craft idea. Needless to say, nobody wants to wash clothes in a washer that was just filled with broken glass. Oh, and the craft idea failed too.

So we wait a week for the repair guy to come and fix the new washer. In the meantime, we are having to haul laundry to the laundromat. All of this kept us from being able to do much of anything here. And that is just one of the countless examples of things that had happened over the course of the year.

BUT, we are happy to report that things are starting to look up, and we are set and ready to get back to this site.

So what are these exciting things you mentioned?

I did say that didn’t I? Well, we have many things that we are wanting to do. The first is getting back to sharing food. That is after all the reason that this site exists. There are still some technical issues (which you can read about below) that we want to iron out before we get back into adding recipes onto STL Cooks. There are some new things that we are wanting to accomplish as well.

The first of which is having guest bloggers visit us. So we are going to use this moment to get the word out for the first time (and will be making a bigger announcement about it soon). If you are an STL food blogger, and would like to add guest posts to our site, send us a message on our Facebook page. Now if you are not from our fair city, fret not, you can drop us a line too, our site is big enough for everyone.

Another thing we wanted to do is start adding food related posts that are not all recipes. Again, it is just something we never got to, but feel that now is a great time to start. We are going to be doing restaurant reviews, pieces on local food destinations (not just Soulard market), and I am sure there are other things, I just can not remember them at just this second. Again, if you are in the STL (or have visited any of our fine food stops), and would like to do a write up…just let us know.

That sure is a lot of words there.

Yes…I told you it was going to be long winded. But this brings me to the issues that STL Cooks as a site still has, and what we are going to be fixing up; before we get to writing all of this new stuff. The biggest and most glaring issue is with many of the recipes. They are lacking in the word department.

We are going to be revisiting them all, and fixing that. We will also be adding better version of the photos for many, but not all, of them. Doing this will not only make the recipe posts themselves more enjoyable to read, but will just give this site more aesthetically pleasing overall.

All of the recipes are also going to be reorganized. They were in a ton of different groupings before. Right before we changed the visual style of the site, we merged them into one giant super-group. We had to do that in order to make way for the new things we are wanting to do. Now we are going to put them back into smaller groups, but nowhere near as many as they were in before. In this instance simplicity is going to be a good thing, but it can be taken too far (like it is at this exact second).

Those are the main technicals that are going to get resolved. Everything else is very minor (adding endless scrolling to the front of the site, fixing up how the search pages display things, and the like), and will be an ongoing process.

Now…with all of that said…

Welcome to the NEW STL Cooks!
The fun is about to really begin.

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